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Application of UKG facilities in various industries

Application of UKG facilities in various industries

  1. Oil refining industry:

    -  oil - water and oil-fuel emulsions for use in the form of fuel in the power system ( water-fuel emulsion can reduce fuel consumption in boilers and furnaces up to 21%);

    obtaining winter diesel fuel from summer or other types of hydrocarbon raw materials;

    -  production of oils, lubricants with increased frictional, anti-corrosion characteristics used in the engineering industry;

    -  gasoline, diesel and kerosene emulsions for use in internal combustion engines in water, road and rail vehicles, which will save fuel from 15% to 25%, and will also allow the creation of multi-fuel emulsions and fundamentally new engines based on them;

    -  cracking - free refining of crude oil;

    -  emulsification of oil with a high content of paraffin-containing fractions in order to prevent paraffin from sticking to the pipeline walls during its transportation;

    -  processing and disposal of oil slags and other carbon-containing waste.

  2. Food Industry:

    - production of new environmentally friendly milk protein products;

    - production of fodder yeast;

    - increase the output of fermentation products and the production of beer products;

    - production, purification and clarification of alcoholic beverages; · Production of juices, pastes, jellies, etc. with additives not combining in the nature;

    - production of bakery  yeast  -  free products directly from grain; creation of  mini-bakeries  for the production of a wide range of products.

  3. Agriculture and agricultural products processing:

    - the production of modular  micro  -factories  for the processing of milk, vegetables, fruits with a view to farming and industry;

    - the production of modular  micro  plants for the production of suspensions from organic and mineral fertilizers, with a view to farming and industry;

    - production of units for water treatment during the irrigation of agricultural crops in the greenhouse and field economy.

  4. Chemical industry:

    - production of chemicals, primers, varnishes, paints, mastics, putties and other materials;

    - production of car tires and other rubber products.

  5. Medicine and pharmacology:

    - production of various drugs and cosmetics.

Field of aplication
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