Field of aplication
Cost reduction for heat power enterprises

The work of many scientists, as well as practical experience in a large number of thermal power

Differences between cavitators, their application in hydrodynamic facilities of UKG

The main factors determining the value of the fuel, is its t e plotvornaya ability, determines the

Improvement of the efficiency of boiler houses operating on liquid fuel

Reducing toxic emissions and increasing the calorific value of liquid fuel are one of the main

Technology for producing winter diesel fuel out of summer diesel fuel

When cooling the hydrocarbon of diesel fuel, the long chains of molecules that make up their

Advantages and fuel economy from the introduction of UKG cavitation installations on ships

Due to the sharp increase in prices for petroleum products in recent years, this expense item among

Application of UKG facilities in various industries

Installations of the UKG brand are used for the manufacture of mixtures with a stable finely

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