Dehydration facilities

Installations for dehydration of oil products

The water content in fuel oil and other heavy petroleum products should not exceed 1%. However, during their long storage, water accumulation is observed, which can reach up to 50 %. The density and viscosity of high water fuel oil become variable. The use of such fuel leads to a sharp increase in harmful and hazardous substances in emissions, exceeding the permissible load on pumping units, reducing the amount of thermal energy, significantly reducing the operational life of burners and other components of boilers and power plants, increasing the cost of maintenance and repair, increasing payments for environmental damage and so on.

Thermal and coagulation methods are used to remove water from fuel oil . The latter method is ineffective. With its help it is impossible to separate emulsion solutions.

The “Energy-saving Technologies” plant offers you a unit for dehydration of liquid petroleum products of various origins: commercial fuel oil, oil sludge , oil products collected from the surface of water bodies, etc. This equipment uses the thermal method of separation of water and heavy oil-distillation products , which has been shown to be effective in in the course of numerous studies. The dehydration plants of our production are mounted directly on tanks and other containers for storing fuel oil. Our equipment has a number of significant advantages:

  • Removing large and tiny water inclusions ( gobble ).
  • Removal of harmful impurities. In parallel with dehydration from the fuel oil, gases dissolved in it are released, which worsen the characteristics of the fuel. For example, hydrogen sulfide, which causes corrosion of boiler equipment units.
  • Suitability for dehydration of oily sludge and other oil wastes.
  • No need to purchase demulsifiers . Dehydrators of our production do not require the use of chemicals.
  • Reduced foaming.

To order a dehydration unit, contact the sales department of our company. All our products fully meet the requirements for oil equipment, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity and other documents.

Oil Dehydration Accelerator (UON)

The UON unit is intended for separation of heavy oil products from water and its subsequent removal

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