Equipment catalogue
Cavitator RAF-6

The rotary apparatus of physicochemical processes is the basis of the UKG facilities, and can be

Cavitator RAF-14

Dispersants or cavitators RAF-14 - devices for producing homogeneous emulsions with a high degree

Cavitation facilitie UKG-6

The UKG-6 unit is designed to produce fuel-water emulsions resistant to delamination from liquid

Oil Dehydration Accelerator (UON)

The UON unit is intended for separation of heavy oil products from water and its subsequent removal

Cavitation facilitie UKG-14

UGK-14 units are capable of processing up to 18 m3 / h of the initial product, which can be various

Cavitation facilitie UKG-6(L)

The UGK-6L installation of simplified design, laboratory, is designed for experiments and


We propose the development of a refinery project with the further implementation of the facility.

Small-sized oil refining plant

The purpose of MNU RUS is the processing of oil, gas condensate and various hydrocarbon mixtures in

Cavitation facilitie UKG-14M

UGK-14M ​​units are capable of processing up to 35 m3/h of the initial product, which can be

Cavitation facilitie UKG 14-35 (KT)

Installation UKG 14-35 (CT) is used for the production of fine emulsion mixtures of heavy oil and

Cavitation facilitie UKG 14-12 (KT)

UKG 14-12 (KT) - installation for cavitation hydrodynamic processing of petroleum products. Purpose

Cavitation unit for oil treatment MUPN

MUPN - a modular installation for the preparation of oil. The main field of application of MUPN is

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