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Cost reduction for heat power enterprises

Уменьшение расходов для предприятий теплоэнергетики

The work of many scientists, as well as practical experience in a large number of thermal power facilities, has shown the possibility of increasing the efficiency of water-heating boiler houses operating on liquid fuels - oil, fuel oil, heating oil, as well as reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the environment.

The solution to improve the economic and environmental characteristics of old boiler houses (as well as medium and high power boilers) is to specially prepare liquid fuel for burning by creating a fuel-water emulsion.

Usually, water cut of heating oil in excess of established norms leads to negative consequences, such as a flare failure, an increase in flash point, etc. All this is due to the fact that water is placed in the fuel oil mass in layers and degrades the characteristics of the fuel.

In the case of a fuel-water emulsion prepared in UKG cavitation hydrodynamic units, water in the mass of fuel oil is evenly distributed at the molecular level, and in addition to this, paraffin chains are broken in the fuel oil, the structure of the fuel oil becomes uniform and uniform throughout the mass. The emulsion does not delaminate during storage (while maintaining the temperature of the emulsion no higher than +90 degrees), after freezing and thawing at a positive temperature, it fully retains its properties.

The fuel-water emulsion shows the maximum effect during combustion in the boiler: water particles boil much faster than fuel oil molecules, scattering particles of fuel oil located next to them. Separated from each other, the fuel oil particles begin to burn simultaneously from all sides, increasing the total combustion temperature of the torch.

If we translate the objects of heat energy -snabzheniya running on heavy fuel oil to the dry fuel oil mazut - water emulsion in the end we get a lot of positive effects:

This will save fuel oil by at least 9 - 10%, although most often by 14 - 18%

  1. When boilers operate on emulsion, the emission of toxic oxides in the exhaust gases into the environment decreases sharply (60 - 70%).
  2. The company has the ability to utilize produced water, waste oils, coolant (cutting fluid) by burning them as part of the emulsion.
  3. Increases service life futirovki boilers and stops the accumulation of soot deposits on their inner surfaces.
  4. Coking on nozzles stops.
  5. It is also observed that there are many small positive effects , which together lead to significant savings (lower costs and time for servicing boilers, draining commercial water, etc.)
  6. At our facilities, you can cook fuel that has high energy (almost like fuel oil) and with a price significantly lower than that of it. The composition of the fuel includes fuel oil, coal and water. Moreover, this fuel can be used on fuel oil boilers without any significant alterations.

As studies have shown, a fuel-water emulsion with a water content of 18-24% does not reduce the efficiency of the boiler. Burning the emulsion instead of pure fuel oil can reduce the content of harmful impurities in the exhaust gases (carbon oxides, sulfur, nitrogen), significantly reduce the emission of particulate matter. All this happens due to more complete combustion of fuel.

Another advantage of the emulsion over pure fuel oil is that it is not necessary to use pure water to prepare it. To prepare a fuel-water emulsion, wastewater contaminated with oil products, as well as some other substances that are completely burned in boiler furnaces, can be used.

Field of aplication
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