Oil refining equipment

Oil refining equipment

LLC “Energy-saving Technologies Plant” successfully implements its own refining equipment. We produce both small-sized installations and are able to design and launch full-fledged oil refineries. Our products are manufactured in full compliance with the requirements regulated by regulatory documents in force in the Russian Federation. Oil refineries and plants are equipped with modern instrumentation and control, protection and control systems, which guarantees uninterrupted and trouble-free operation. Oil refining products made at our plant have a complete set of necessary design and permits.


Designed for distillation of oil and distillation of gas condensate. With the help of oil refineries, you can get gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, as well as other light fractions of oil. Fuel oils, which are by-products of the production of light products of oil distillation , are suitable for the manufacture of emulsion fuel in cavitation plants , which can also be purchased from us. Such fuel is used in boiler houses and other heat and power facilities. The equipment is suitable for use in harsh climatic conditions.


They are complete industrial equipment for oil refining. Such plants are used to produce gasoline, kerosene, and fuel oil and other products from crude oil and gas condensate. Installations of our production can also be used to remove water from industrial and motor oils.

The use of a small-sized oil refinery can significantly reduce the cost of transporting oil and get high-quality products right at the production site.


We propose the development of a refinery project with the further implementation of the facility.

Small-sized oil refining plant

The purpose of MNU RUS is the processing of oil, gas condensate and various hydrocarbon mixtures in

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