Cavitator RAF-14

The purpose of the cavitator RAF-14

The rotary apparatus of physicochemical processes is the basis of the UKG facilities, and can be operated as an independent unit with small processing volumes. Dispersants or cavitators RAF-14 - devices for producing homogeneous emulsions with a high degree of dispersion of the starting components. In devices of this type, the phenomenon of cavitation is used, which occurs during repeated sharp changes in the flow velocity. The RAF 14 consists of a stator and a rotor with holes. When the moving part of the apparatus rotates, the holes periodically align, forming periodically opening and closing windows. Cavitation occurs in the entire volume of fluid. The impact of cavitation shocks changes the physicochemical structure of the liquid, which contributes to the fragmentation of large molecules and the formation of mixtures not subject to spontaneous separation into the original components.

The RAF-14 device is used for:

Technical characteristics of the device RAF-14

Supply voltage 380
Installed power, kW 3
Throughput, m 3 / hour to 30
Inlet pressure, MPa (no more) 0.1
The temperature of the working fluid, "C 50-90
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