Dehydration facilities

Oil Dehydration Accelerator (UON)

Ускоритель обезвоживания нефтепродуктов (УОН)

The UON unit is intended for separation of heavy oil products from water and its subsequent removal from the working area.

The UON installation is not an independent object; it works in conjunction with the storage capacity and is installed directly on it. The installation allows you to accelerate the dehydration process from 4-5 days (80 tons of railway tank) to 1.5-2 days. The joint complex allows to achieve a water content of the final product in the range of 0.5-1%.

Oil product dehydration plants have been successfully used to bring various heavy oil products into a usable condition - fuel oil contaminated with water, oil sludge, waste remaining after cleaning tanks and fuel oil storage facilities .

Another area of ​​application of the oil dehydration unit is the processing of sludge stored in the open air over several years.


An Oil Dehydration Accelerator is installed on a railway tank or any other tank, fuel oil is taken from the bottom by pumps and pumped to UON. Inside the unit, the waterlogged fuel oil is distributed around the circumference and at different angles, under high pressure, spraying a water-fuel oil emulsion through the nozzles onto the superheated screens inside the UON. If there is no steam, you must purchase a steam generating unit . After the water-oil emulsion enters the hot screens, water is squeezed out of the micelles , and some of it evaporates , and some flows down to the fuel oil. So the cycle ends - further in a circle. Until complete drained e Nia fuel oil to 0% of water.


UON Specifications

Supply voltage 380
Installed power, kW 12
Throughput, m3 / h до 24
Pressure at the exit, MPa 10-15
Fluid temperature, ° C 50-90
Diameter of inlet pipe, mm 50
Weight, kg 300

* Mobile pumping station is supplied with UON equipment. The variety of diameter and method of attachment varies from customer needs.


Oil Dehydration Accelerator (UON)

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