Cavitators are devices for producing finely dispersed emulsion mixtures . Aqueous emulsion solutions emit more thermal energy during combustion. The gases released during the burning of such fuels contain less hazardous and harmful substances. Emulsions resulting from cavitation treatment are durable, they retain properties at low temperatures and long-term storage. To obtain solutions, water containing petroleum products and present in fuel oil is suitable. Cavitators have passed the necessary tests and are used in fuel preparation systems of boiler houses and power complexes as part of cavitation hydrodynamic installations and as independent devices.

Benefits of using cavitator

  • Environmental friendliness . The use of finely dispersed fuel oil emulsions makes it possible to reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the combustion products by 20–40%, benzoprene by 50-100%, and sulfur oxide, and also completely eliminate the occurrence of carbon monoxide.

  • Profitability. Obtaining more thermal energy due to the complete combustion of emulsion fuel, reducing environmental costs, the possibility of using inexpensive fuel oils with a high content of sulfur and water as fuel, and reducing the cost of boiler maintenance.

  • Improving the reliability of boiler units. After combustion of flooded fuel oil, less deposits are formed on the surface of the units of power units that have direct contact with the combustion products. In addition, the use of emulsion solutions can reduce the length of the flame and the temperature of the gases emitted during combustion, which reduces the corrosion of the nodes of boiler units. The reliability of boilers when using oil-water emulsions is increased by 30 percent.

Cavitator RAF-6

The rotary apparatus of physicochemical processes is the basis of the UKG facilities, and can be

Cavitator RAF-14

Dispersants or cavitators RAF-14 - devices for producing homogeneous emulsions with a high degree

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