Cavitation facilities

Cavitation facilitie UKG-6(L)

Кавитационная установка УКГ-6(Л)

The UGK-6L installation of simplified design, laboratory, is designed for experiments and experiments. It is capable of processing up to 6 m3 / hour of the initial product, which can be various kinds of oil products (fuel oil, liquid heating oil, oil sludge , diesel fuel), and food products to be mixed (preparation of sauces, mayonnaise, creams). To work with food products, a special installation option is produced, the contact surfaces and pipelines of which are made of neutral materials - for example, stainless steel.

The cavitation hydrodynamic installation UKG-6 is a single unit, including:

  • pump,
  • filter (as needed)
  • RAF-6 apparatus,
  • pipeline interchanges
  • control unit and automation,
  • metal case protecting the unit from external influences.

Purpose of installation

  1. Obtaining water-fuel oil emulsions resistant to delamination (for burning in boilers of any type);
  2. Utilization of liquid sludge fuels and lubricants together with contaminated water;
  3. Getting winter diesel from summer;
  4. Obtaining suspensions.

Technical characteristics of the cavitation unit UKG-6(L)

Supply voltage,V 380
Installed power, kW 8.5
Throughput, m3/h up to 6.3
Diameter of inlet pipe, mm 50
Diameter of outlet pipe, mm 25
Diameter of a branch pipe for water supply, mm 15
Temperature of working fluid (medium), °C 50-90
Weight no more than, kg 300
Ambient temperature °C 5-40
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